EPIC Amplified Minecraft World Transformation!

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EPIC Amplified Minecraft Transformation!

In Today’s video we venture into an Amplified Minecraft World filled with treacherous terrain in an attempt to transform the landscape & construct an Epic Fortress!

Together with a working settlement including farmland, ships, houses, a lighthouse, windmill, statue, not to mention a working mine leading down to bedrock!

I hope you enjoy today’s video & get some build tips & ideas for your future creations! =]


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  1. Глядя на твои постройки, я перестал улыбаться себе в зеркале, ибо мои стали делать лучшего… Настолько креативного игрока в Майнкрафт я ещё не видел!

  2. He should put all those insane projects in one big map, open it up for hundreds of players to have fun on a world that has significant changes

  3. The one time Juracraft's "getting carried away" is a bad thing.

    Me = Hey Juracraft. I want a cozy space ship for my intergalactic conquest. You have any ideas?

    Jura = I got chu.

    <Builds Several Thousand Death Stars With My Face As Symbol Of Athority On Every Single One>

    Me = ……

    Jura = Sorry, i tend to get carried away.

    Me = 😢 They're beautiful….

    Also Me = 😈 A guy could rule a lot of galaxies with these

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