God of War – All Idunn Apple / Health Upgrades Locations Guide (Idunn’s Orchard Trophy)

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God of War – All Idunn Apple / Health Upgrades Locations Guide (Idunn’s Orchard Trophy)

There are a total of 9 Idunn Apple’s to find in God of War (GOW). For every three you find, your health is upgraded. You find apples in specific “Nornir Chests”. These chests are puzzles, and to open them you need to destroy the glyph stones hidden in the general area of the Nornir Chest.

Finding all nine of the Idunn Apples will max your health bar out and give you the “Idunn’s Orchard” trophy. There are actually 11 Health Chests in the game, but this video goes over the 9 that are the easiest to get.


[0:00] #1 WIldwoods
[0:56] #2 River Pass
[2:04] #3 River Pass
[2:55] #4 Lookout Tower
[4:29] #5 The Mountain
[6:10] #6 Forgotten Caverns
[7:20] #7 Light Elf Outpost
[9:04] #8 Alfheim
[9:58] #9 Alfheim

*Captured on the PS4 Pro. Thanks to PlayStation UK for the free game code*

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  1. Thanks for the video! PS4Trophies video on the puzzle chests is incorrect, he tells you one of the upgrades comes from the chest in Veithurgard.

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