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im so happy the hackers are gone.. FREE PUBG SKINS :: HUGE PUBG ANTI CHEAT UPDATE!! NO MORE CHEATERS! 2.2 GB NEW UPDATE!! (PUBG HACKERS PATCH) PUBG News :: LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more PUBG Updates, News, Gambling and More!!


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  1. 2.2 GB of data is obviously not the anti-cheat software itself, probably pre-loading some new textures and meshes… Also you didnt talk about the new anti-cheat measures they've put in place, the video was mostly about you complaining how you've met some hackers…

  2. Havn't listened for a few month? How long does it take to write 2.2 gigs of anti-cheat code. They are constantly working on the issue and now have arrested more people. I agree it sucks but hackers are apart of all gaming communities.

  3. Fifteen people suspected of developing and selling PUBG cheating software have been arrested. In a post on the PUBG Steam page, PUBG Corp announced it had been gathering information on hack developers and sellers. It was working with various judicial authorities to catch the culprits, and succeeded earlier this week. On April 25, 15 suspects were arrested for “developing and selling hacking/cheating programs” that affect PUBG. “It was confirmed that malicious code, including Trojan horse software, was included in some of these programs and was used to steal user information,” reads the police statement translated by PUBG Corp. The people were arrested for “developing hack programs, hosting marketplaces for hack programs, and brokering transactions.” The suspects have been fined approximately 30 million RNB (Chinese Renminbi), the equivalent of $5.1 million. “Other suspects related to this case are still being investigated,” reads the police statement. “Some hack programs that are being distributed through the internet includes a Heybox (小黑盒) Trojan horse (Chinese backdoor) virus.” The Chinese police said it was proven that hack developers used the Heybox virus to “control a user’s PC, scan their data, and extract information,” by illegal means. “The longstanding rumor that hacking/cheating programs extract information from users’ PCs has been confirmed to be true,” said PUBG Corp. “Using illegal programs not only disrupts others, but can end up with you handing over your personal information.” PUBG Corp said it will continue to crack down on malicious programs and their creators.

  4. All the superb people here commenting on how they updated their cheats. It's incredible to think they'd publicly admit they suck ass and only troll with hacks due to lack of skill. I can't imagine many of you actually have friends 😂

  5. No theirs still gonna be hackers it's not impossible to get by a good anti cheat it just takes a bit more effort than normal anti cheats

  6. my wife and i were killed by a hacker one time, well actually many times but this one particular instance, we identified his location as being behind the recently dropped crate then a few seconds later he was behind us. The most interesting part of this was when we watched the replay. This guy teleported on top of the crate as it was coming down and was killing everyone from above and the teleporting only became more obvious when the recording showed him behind the crate and then bam, he was behind us as we were a couple hundred yards from the crate facing it. Teleport much?

  7. This update didn't improve the hacker problem one bit. I just dropped into the school 10 or 12 times in a row and died each time quickly. Then I watched replay closely each time with x-ray vision. Each time it was obvious my enemy could see through walls, pausing and tracking enemies that they shouldn't know are there. Usually firing the instant his target steps in front of the doorway (trigger bot). In slow motion I can see them landing shots with their cross hairs are nowhere near the person they are shooting at (at close range, so this is not a bullet velocity issue). PUBG is an amazing game, ruined by cheaters. Bluehole won't stop it because they are making too much money when they shut down hackers (slowly) and then the hackers repurchase the game. The hackers can afford it because they are making money selling the virtual items they get from cheating and winning all the time. Great business model for both hackers and developers.

  8. TO THE DUDE WHO MADE THIS….ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED THERE ARE MORE AND MORE CHEATERS WITH EVERY UPDATE,JUST today i got shot from a guy with a mini14 from god knows how far he was shooting the air,next i got shot by a guy with 0 recoil on an ak and finally just a couple of minutes ago i died from a guy with wallhack and auto aim

  9. the best anti hack is permanent ban on hardware and next force players to register with their adress and a photo of them,and who cheats gets a ticket vie post -!

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