NEW UPDATE for PUBG Mobile!!!

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Come enjoy some delicious Chicken Dinners with AvrgGuy777 in PUBG Mobile’s newest update, Arcade Mode! Join the stream and you can join the squad, too!!!

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Also check out my buddy who had to start his Twitch all over because of some PC Bullshizah!!!


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  1. How come I can’t Party up with my friends ? I’m t says I can’t because we have different versions but we all upstate it ? Can we not play with IOS AND Android ?

  2. What emulator are you using? If you are getting tired of dragging your mouse around the screen, try bluestacks. Its a great emulator that I use, and even has a built in battle royal mode, where if a game supports it, press F1 in game to make left click shoot and dragging around the mouse aims without holding down left click with some emulators do. You can also customize the controls, and its really easy to set it up. No tutorial needed. Just go to and press bluestacks 3, not the other one, and set it up. Its awesome, I love it. Edit: to make your mouse appear onscreen, hold alt.

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