Playing The 3rd PUBG Map! Savage

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Hey guys, today we get to take a look at the 3rd much smaller PUBG map that is being tested on the experimental server.

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Weapon Stats:

Computer Hardware:
Acer Monitor:
Headphones ATH-700X:



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  1. I wish this dude would shut the fuck up about smaller maps. It isn't the way the game was "meant to be played".You may think it plays better that way but that isn't what draws people to the game. If the developers wanted firefights every two seconds they would have started with smaller maps. The allure of PuBG is the expansive maps and how its basically a game of small scale tactical maneuver warfare. It isn't fucking COD.

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  3. Must be nice to get new content… on Xbox we’re still waiting on a damn test server to play the second map… must be using the money mad on Xbox to improve pc.

  4. Can't wait for the full release of this on xbox. They need a smaller map to reduce the time it takes to get down to the last 20. Can take 15-20 mins on xbox atm which is too long to wait every game

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