PUBG: NEW 4x4km MAP TOUR. Gameplay & Impressions | CODENAME: SAVAGE | PC

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My thoughts on the new map and some cinematic shots utilizing the replay mode in the test server showcasing how awesome it is! I have a feeling this is going to be a fan favorite. It’s the perfect size for combat and intensity and a nice break from the mundane larger maps.
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  1. just won a game on that map watts check it out on my Instagram POKIESUM is my Instagram check it tell me what you think?
    ps dope ass video my dude

  2. One of my main problems with PUBG is that most of the time in game you'll spend 15-25 minutes just running and looting up. So I hope this map fixes that issue

  3. I saw a lot of videos about this map, I didn't watch any of them. As soon as I Saw yours I clicked instantly! Love your videos!!

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