PUBG Update: Identity Crisis – The Evolution of Battlegrounds Gameplay

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With the upcoming release of Savage and the new “War” custom game mode, PUBG is facing an identity crisis. I talk about that and more!

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  1. I wouldn't mind more ways to practice against people with particular weapons. Things like snipers only would be fun and a new challenge that benefits you in the main game. I definitely agree, mid games need to be sped up more. No finding a car and running the whole map is the lowest point of pubg.

  2. Just a random thought. Reach Top 10? you get an egg. 10 eggs, you can trade for 1 chicken. 1 chicken:150 rank pts, 1 egg:10 rank pts. With pts, can buy badges like "Diamond V" once you have the badge D5, you are eligible to purchase D4 badge.

  3. I have no preference. I just wish to compete on a realistic skill based game, which this pubg does not offers me as my deaths and of course my kills are mostly based over latiency not just low experience. Nad it can be seen in your video too. Kill denied by latiency… i mean .. to people that do not have frag rate like you but just around 6 with an UNEXPLORED potential of maybe 10 15 per game denied by the actual netcode status, what to expect but abandoning the game?

    I will just farm crates so that i will not pay steam purchases… this is what i use it for.

    I love the survival thing but it is not really developed. I like the fragging thing, but sincerely i do prefere the survival mixed with some fragging, i think there is so much to do.. this game is still barebones from so many points of view also regarding it s ping handling.

  4. I love that the game is a combination of everything, survival, a good tactical game AND the amazing gunplay, thats what makes it a great FPS to me, the gunplay is some of the best I have ever seen. I love that this game reaches into everything that makes a good shooter and has it all in one game, and the addition of new game modes will only make the game that much better. sure the netcode has issues but theyre working on it, optimization is still getting worked on, but its come a long way. I just want the devs to keep listening to the community and fueling the fire to be the best BR game out.

  5. PUBG for me is in a very scary state, I want to love the game, I really do. but every time I play another battleroyal, I just have more fun, no doubt, fortnite I don't get cucked over by the servers , Ring of Elysium is the perfect inbetween, it runs amazingly. But I just try not to play them often because I know if I get invested, I won't touch pubg again. and I don't want that to happen, I've been playing pubg since april of 2017, just a month after it arrived in early access. and It was great, but now that ive spent nearly 800 hours with the game, im at a point where the bullshit of the servers just gets to me, the inconsistent fps(I have 1080ti and cant get solid 144fps, amazing.) and I can't have fun anymore. kills are the only thing that satisfy me, not even winning. I don't know what pubg corp should do, for my personal preference they need to make the movement system more snappy, sure it takes away from realism, but it would make combat and running around the map so much more smooth and less frustrating, parachuting needs to be redone, its so slow, doesn't let you land where you want half the time, etc. Optimization is a must, but they also need content so i don't really know there. anyways, this is just me ranting.

  6. So you say your not bothered for the regular game mode (BR), That is the game itself. I don;t think people see that as an issue.

    If call of duty released with just TDM, everyone would be pissed. So why does PUBG get away with it

  7. my biggest problem BY FAR is the ranked mm. when the ranks reset everybody gets put against people from all skill levels, this is where we have a lot of fun playing casually but as we sin a couple of games we get put higher and higher to a point that you are playing against the top 1% and everyone is dead sirious. i really hate that

  8. Fix the Kar.98’s disappearing bullets lol. But I honestly think there would be a lot more action throughout the games if they made smaller maps and fast circle pacing, not these giant maps with a million and 1 different windows and camping places.

  9. While I see the argument of splitting the community I want to put forth maybe a more optimistic idea. While there would definitely be initial split, I think for overall game longevity would improve for both sides. I could easily see more people picking up the game initially to play modes like war cause it gives them something more traditional they are used to, but I wouldn't be surprised if after these new players get used to the mechanics through that mode going, "Well let's see what the base mode is about." And getting hooked like the rest of us did.

  10. I enjoy the fact that pubg is a shooter and a survival game, I can choose to play the game differently every time i drop. I don't think the game should become more of one or the other.

  11. Ranking and Progression is still my #1 request. Getting ~1,000 BP or less for a WIN is not nearly enough of an incentive.. especially with this overpriced and ridiculous loot box system.

  12. I think that the high or at least joy from wins has kind of faded away in my mind. Why work so hard and grind so hard for 30 minutes to get one shotted by an awm when i can drop pecado or any other packed location, get 5 or 6 kills and be done in 10 minutes versus having to slowly creep around and get a 2 kill win. I think for the majority of the player base, its much more fun to just get into some action and get out, thats why the war mode is so great. Solid gunplay and no real punishment for wacky plays or going for a bunch of people at once. You can do all the crazy stuff you want to and have a good time with no real time commitment or unfair advantage from being severly underlooted due to rng

  13. Been playing this game for a year and I still cant figure out where the sound comes from. Im wearing headphones and it all looks useless. Im shocked how people like instantly turn into ur direction when u smash glass or shoot. Like they identify the direction in a split second where the sound is coming from while Im sitting and not moving and someone is running around the place where Im at and I still cant tell from which side the sound is coming. They should fix sound optimization. Its too tricky, it goes into the left ear and out of the right like a fade in fade out motion

  14. For me i strongly disagree with the statement that the best thing about pubg is the gunplay. Its more like a mix of everything but if i just want to shoot it out like in the war mode i could go play other games that just focus on that.

  15. They keep messing with the game formula and it’s really pissing me off. I used to play every day but since the last update where they tried to change the circle and then got cold feet really turned me off from playing the game anymore. After I saw that I had no faith in their vision for the game. It’s like they don’t have a clue now and I don’t wanna invest any more time into a game that’s gonna radically change next month and be something I’m not into. You F’d up PUBG, and lost me. I’ll be playing Darksouls PVP until the next great Battle Royals emerges.

  16. Oh yeah almost forgot – fix the F-ing netcode PUBG! Every game I sit at a black screen while I listen to the plane ride and then join the game 3 minutes late….you’ve had how long to get this right?

  17. I have not injoyed the twitch shoot type of game play one side of the field seems to be pushing. That is why I don't play csgo or the call of duty games. There is a differnt type of skill there. The type of skill I excel at is a planning for long term survival gameplay a very strategic drop and specific loot patern and movment all centerd around survival. But I do come from the Arma 3 Exile scene.

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