Video Games News January 27th 2017: Death Stranding, Ni no Kuni, Apple and more

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News highlights of the video game industry from the last 24 hours


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  1. OMG I didn't know John Carmack was to do with this lawsuit . I find it hard to believe that he stole anything , he is one hell of a guy and very amiable . Our clan channel once interviewed him ( we were a Quake 2 clan ) , and of course John Carmack was our hero as far as developing the game goes . He was always very accommodating and very friendly …. I think he was the best thing ever that happened to ID Software 🙂
    Cool Video Gabriel : Thumbs up buddy 🙂

    BTW nobody mentioned this in the comments … From 2:07 to around 2:51 you just have blank screen in the video !

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